Love Letters From My Clients..

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“Gianna is amazing! She really helped me face myself and deal with my issues that were creating problems in my love life. It was like she was in my mind, telling me things that I kind of already knew but she helped me see them more clearly. She’s really helping me to truly love myself! Our conversation just flowed because she’s really easy to talk to and she actually practices what she preaches and it’s very inspiring! She took her time with me and the conversation was very genuine, I could really feel that she truly cared. I Can’t wait to work with you, I really meant what I said. You are such a genuine soul who has a true love for what you do and it shows!”-Angelia

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“I came to Gianna after breaking up with my ex. My ex had been saying she was going to fight for me and I was holding onto that but then I just kept hear you saying to listen to my heart and soul. I let go and let myself love and it has been so wonderful. Shortly after our session I ran into someone I used to hang out with in high school and we unexpectedly hit it off. It’s the first time I have ever felt like I’m on the same level with someone…and we just keep leveling up. Everything changed right after we talked and I am still trying to find the right words to express what that session did for me. Forever grateful love!” -Michele

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“I had a Manifest Your Soulmate Session with Gianna was just dropping the truth bombs! I really resonated with her genuine honesty and it really helped me be aware of myself and things that I need to shift in order to improve my relationship with my boyfriend and with myself, thank you Gianna!”-Jennifer

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“Gianna, Thank you so much for your glowing, sparkling personality and your awesome outlook on life. After only one session with you I really had a great idea of some of my blockages. Naturally I began to push away guys with personality traits that weren’t a match. I have begun attracting much kinder guys and I feel strong on my own as well. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to heal and learn what they are attracting and how to change it! Xo” -Tori

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” I really gained a lot from working with Gianna! First of all, she’s a really insightful and inspiring lady who I have admired for some time. I really appreciated that I could really relate to her, and that she has worked through a lot of things I am currently going through. The main insight I gained was the overarching self worth issue that has been at the root of my issues with relationships, food, and my body. I knew that this was true in a general sense, but it really helped that she was specific with my life, which helped me see how this issue impacted me in a really concrete way. I really liked that she shared examples from her healing journey, as that helped me have more hope in being able to work through my own challenges in these areas, in addition to seeing what is possible in my life. I felt like a lot of things came together and clicked in my mind as I was speaking with her. Gianna’s definitely someone who walks her talk, and she’s someone I feel I can trust. Her authenticity, care, compassion, and clarity shone through in our session together, and were a blessing to experience. I hope to work with her more in the future!” -Esther

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“The sessions that I have had with Gianna have been so wonderful and healing! She helped my healing process through a break up I went through last year by exposing my pattern of self-blame. Awareness of that block has brought me through difficult but perfect changes which I am so grateful for. Recently she gave me some relationship advice about an issue that I was having in my love life, and her words gave me chills because they were so on point!! I felt very loved and supported during each our sessions and would recommend one to anyone in need of healing and change especially when it comes to love.”-Jacqueline

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“If you are the slightest bit interesting in working with someone genuine to assist then Gianna is your choice. I’m a very specific gal & she is my favorite because she is on point & in depth. Gianna has endless patience, serenity & the wisdom to tell it in a way that most benefits you. I greatly enjoy all of my sessions with her because she is calm, open, & concise. Always feels like amazing clarity, & fun. Love how her energy feels like a sparkle waterfall & it is easy to connect to her energy. The tools discussed & given to me are very helpful & I am grateful to have found her. She is positive, inspirational, caring, & true. Always look forward to doing another session with Gianna she is splendid. Her foresight, insight, & intuition are superb.”- Peachess

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“The sessions I’ve had with Gianna greatly helped me understand situations I have dealt with, she’s helped me heal, and recently gave me a lot of clarity and helped me let go of something that was weighing me down. When I was going through a rough patch in my love life she really helped me get empowered in my self and my emotions so I could let go of someone who wasn’t good me, and I felt such a huge sense of peace and relief! I always leave our sessions feeling much lighter, with a sense of confidence and knowing, feeling much better than I did when I came in. She is great at tapping into your individual energy and needs. She approaches her sessions with love, compassion and understanding, and is truly there to help you. I would recommend her to anyone” -Hanna

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“I have been going to Gianna for a number of years now for different things such as counseling or a group meditation or a workshop. What makes her different is that she cares about her clients and is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that those who entrust her are taken care of. She’s helped me do a lot of needed healing, and I’m happier now then I’ve ever been, and I’m still getting happier. She does whatever she can to help me and it’s always exactly what I need. She is very intuitive and actually listens. You just know everything will be OK when you are with her.” – Dave