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Healthy, satisfying, functional love used to massively unnatural to me. I grew up witnessing my mothers toxic, controlling, abusive relationship with my former step father and because of the lack of a positive example for me I had all kinds of crazy ideas and issues to work out in my relationships that were always toxic from a young age.

My biggest pattern for awhile was attracting emotionally unavailable men, 1 in particular for 5 years(I couldn’t take a hint) I was hooked. I felt pathetic and not good enough.

Then I confronted my deepest fears, my low self-worth, body image issues, my codependency issues, and my inability to open up in a balanced way, which inevitably led me to deeply heal my deep childhood wounds.

I healed my mommy issues that seemed to be the root of my self esteem issues after feeling like my whole life she chose an abuser over me, I healed my daddy issues that taught me men will just leave and no one will ever save you, and I healed my step daddy issues that taught me love is scary, it’s a trap, don’t trust men.

Not just for me though. Although I was determined to heal for myself I was also determined to heal to embody a way of loving that would positively affect everyone around me and actually allow my future kids to have healthy functioning relationships and attachment.

Because the truth is, the things I learned about love wasn’t my truth, that was learned and conditioned and my SOUL truth was COMPLETELY different.

Love is the safest, most expansive thing in the world and once I dealt with my shit….In came Justin..My authentically amazing goofy, free, sexy, loving, trust worthy, creative, soulmate!
We’ve been together for 5+ years. Love now feels easy and deeply satisfying, just like I knew it was supposed to be. I feel safe, worthy, balanced, and happy! Let me teach you how to heal so you can manifest your true soulmate.