Hey love!

If you feel like relationships feel exhausting, I have something for you today!

Because I know what you going through. I know you want these relationships in your life: friends, family, and a soulmate.

But that feels really hard to do because relationships just feel hard. They’re exhausting and you end up spending a lot of time alone. You may find yourself in a weird situation where you feel lonely as hell but it also feels hard to be around people and make those connections.

But here’s the real truth.

Relationships aren’t exhausting.

It’s what you do in relationships that are exhausting you.

Having shitty boundaries and people pleasing in a relationship is what’s exhausting.

Pretending to be something you’re not and suppressing who you really are is exhausting

Not listening to yourself is exhausting.

When you deal with the real underlying reasons why relationships feel hard and you’ll stop isolating yourself so much because there won’t be anything to protect yourself from anymore.

Relationships will feel easy and you’ll attract an amazing partner that reflects your healthy beliefs back to you.

We get these ideas that relationships are exhausting and we aren’t looking at the root cause. Because there are many different ways we can do relationships. As someone who used to feel like relationships are hard, I know first hand what that’s like. But they can actually be really easy. And it can be easy to love and to be loved. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

So you might just need to check in and see what is making it difficult. Where am I letting people cross my boundaries? What beliefs am I holding on to? Where am I people pleasing? Where am I hiding myself? And where am I trying to make it seem like I have it all together?

Because our brain is a tricky thing. When we get this idea that relationships are hard, there’s going to be more pain rather than pleasure associated with it. So our brain is going to want to protect us and it’s going to create a block to protect us from that pain and from that exhaustion. So that’s when we find ourselves isolated because we aren’t dealing with our shit. It’s time to deal with your shit.

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