Work With Me

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Who Do I Work With?

My ideal client is a single, spiritually aware woman who knows that there is more to life than logic. She wants to follow her heart, and craves an epic love that on some level she knows she can have, and the universe will provide, and it is in her power to have and attract it.

Sure, maybe she’s dated some emotionally unavailable guys that left her heartbroken, and even a straight up douche-bag or two that didn’t treat her the way she wanted to be treated… the way she deserved to be treated. Or she’s dated some nice guys that she just wasn’t that into, or they just weren’t what she wanted. She may have a hard time attracting a partner AT ALL, but she’s really ready to do what it takes to manifest that EPIC love that will last.

  • If you attract potential partners that blow you off and treat you less than you deserve to be treated or are mean to you
  • Attract guys that are nice, but there just not it
  • Attract controlling and clingy guys
  • Don’t attract any partners at all
  • Can’t get over this guy or girl that won’t step up and be with you or is already in a relationship
  • Have a hard time letting your emotional guard down
  • Have insecurities that get in the way of you pursuing potential relationships
  • Feel awkward and shy when it comes to being sexy
  • Attract sexually degrading or sexually selfish partners
  •  Have a hard time asking for what you want in a relationship and setting boundaries
  • Settle for less in a relationship because you’re afraid you won’t find anything better
  • Struggle with self confidence and really don’t feel good in your own skin
  • Are in a relationship but you’re really not satisfied
  • Question if there’s a partner out there for you

Who do I not work with?

If you’re more committed to being a victim and blaming others than taking responsibility for your life, are a logical, skeptical person, or are not ready or willing to commit to change or invest in yourself and what you want.

What makes me different?

I don’t teach you cheap tricks to temporarily hook someone under false pretenses; I show you how to reel in an amazing partner by being yourself authentically and truly and knowing that you don’t need cheap tricks because you are freaking amazing! I teach you to step into the person that you’ve always wanted to be and attract the kind of person that you’ve always wanted to be with (your soulmate) from there!

I won’t just give you a general format to follow: I will be with you to help you become conscious and aware of exactly what it is your vibration is attracting in your love life.

Not only will your love life transform, but so will your entire life because you will undergo a huge, amazing, personal transformation in the process!

We will increase your confidence and dissolve your insecurities inside and out so you know your worth and you can comfortably and confidently ditch the douche-bags and guys that just aren’t it and implement healthy boundaries that allow epic lasting love with your soulmate.

 What’s my experience?

I have been helping clients from all over the world as a spiritual life coach for the past 5 years heal and attract BIG desires, up their self-esteem, and transform and improve their personal relationships of all kinds.

I’ve invested thousands of dollars into my business to ensure that I can deliver my message and practiced methods to you.

I have been there – I’ve dated the emotionally unavailable douche-bag that repeatedly broke my heart because I just wanted to be wanted. I’ve dated guys that were clingy, and turned me off, and guys that were nice, but they just weren’t IT.

I’ve played games. I’ve been hard to get. I’ve been clingy. I’ve been emotionally aloof. I’ve broken hearts. I’ve gotten my heart broken.

Eventually I figured out that attracting a truly satisfying relationship was more about where I was at within myself than what games I played or how hot I looked. The most important thing was having a good self-loving relationship with myself, knowing my worth and living my life for me, so I could truly be happy and no longer looking outside of myself for the happiness I wanted to feel. This insured I implemented healthy boundaries and expectations for my partner and myself. I opened my heart and began repelling emotionally unavailable douche-bag guys, and began attracting guys that were looking for an emotionally open, caring, spiritual, deeply soul-satisfying relationship just like me. I maneuvered through my own blocks to love and low self-worth and now I have a relationship that’s what I’ve always wanted and more and it continues to grow and get deeper every day. When we’re together we often have people come up to us commenting on the “aura of love” we radiate together.

What drives me?

I have always had a HUGE heart that craved deeply satisfying love that honored me romantically, in life and within myself. I grew up in a severely abusive environment with parental figures that showed me what a disastrous, unhealthy, romantic relationship looked like which did affect what kind of love I allowed in my romantic life, and it wasn’t pretty. In this environment I was taught to be very insecure, anxious, and not know my own worth. This negatively impacted every aspect of my life, especially my love life. I craved fulfillment and I craved love. After going through and experiencing a lot I was sprung on my own journey of self-discovery and healing. I did a major clean-up within myself and learned what I wanted and that I could have it! This in turn created my current EPIC love life, and sparked a passion to show women what their worth is and help them allow what they deserve, especially in love!

Want to Manifest Your soulmate with Gianna’s help?

Currently, Gianna is fully booked in her 1:1 program. However, if you are interested in working with her when it opens back up, click here.