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Hey! It’s Gianna.

I didn’t REALLY believe it was possible to have the relationship I REALLY wanted.

If you feel this way now this is for you…

There were many reasons I didn’t believe..
1) I grew up with my prime relationship example being dysfunctional. There were massive patterns of insecurity, being controlling, secrets, cheating, abandonment, and being at war with each other.

But what I craved was a HEALTHY relationship that was FREE, yet committed, HONEST, authentic, LOVING, connected, and beautiful.

How the F do you create that kind of relationship when you’ve never experienced it before?

2) I lived in a unprogressive, highly Christian, farm land city. New-age, vegetarian, progressive men were only a hopeful fantasy.

3) I only ever dated emotionally unavailable men, and controlling types.
I knew what I wanted.. But I didn’t really BELIEVE I could have it. There seemed to be SO much evidence as to why my relationship vision was a big fantasy that would never be real.

Because I decided that the Universe was on my side. My desires were divine and I could be the first really great relationship that I ever saw, that other people looked up to. I decided that if I uniquely existed in my area then others probably did too and if they didn’t we would be drawn together when I was in alignment with my soulmate.

I shifted my limiting ideas then I began to manifest MANY other spiritual people into my life. Online and offline.

But they still had the same patterns I didn’t want to date. UNTIL I did the real inner-work. I cleared out the low self worth, codependent pain patterns that didn’t align with my soul truth and then I was guided to FULLY release my ex boyfriend energetically and emotionally then within a few weeks Justin fell in my lap.

Now everyone looks at my relationship as a positive example. My mom, my sisters, my brother, my friends, people on the internet. My wish came true.

Without ANY role model to show me except I had the Universe guiding me and I was willing to listen and do the work.

That’s what I like to do for my clients. Be that example but also connect them with their soul truth, and clear all the other bullshit.

There are specific truths I learned from connected to my soul in the area of relationships and I embody them naturally and easily every day now. I can easily spot when someone is out of alignment in their relationship space and see what is going on and what they need to shift to be the version of themselves they want to be in a relationship and attract the relationship they’ve always wanted because of it.

Let me walk you through this process for yourself.