About Gianna

About Gianna


Hey there Beautiful!

My name is Gianna, and it is my soul’s joy, mission, and purpose to teach women to truly know, LOVE, and embody who they are and navigate through and heal their self-doubt and self-hate so they can embody true unshakable self-love, confidence and fulfillment in all that they are so that they can know their worth and manifest the AMAZING lives and the AMAZING love they’ve always dreamed of. Because you can have it!

Once we up your self-love game, I teach and guide you to allow and manifest true love that’s built to last!

Who am I in my spare time?

I am a genuine, sweetheart, goofball, smarty pants, motherly type (especially to my dog, Zen) that’s not afraid to be herself, take charge and have fun!

I love eating, ordering, and creating delicious vegan food, and I can’t go without my morning fruit smoothie. I love spending time outside in nature (especially in the mountains and by the ocean) and moving my body through running, biking, or going to the gym, and traveling with my amazing boyfriend. I have a few pictures of us together below but you are more than welcome to creep on us on social media via my instagram or fb. 😉 <3


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